Membership and Application Form

Dear colleagues,
membership in the Association of Physiatrists of Republic of Srpska (UFRS) is voluntary.
Membership in association is determined by UFRS statute.

Bank transfer to the bank account
Payment of membership is via “NLB Razvojna banka”, Banja Luka.
Physiatrists Association of Republic of Srpska, specifying: membership and name/surname of the member.
No. Account: 56209900012126-06 / NLB Razvojna banka.
The decision of the meeting about the membership fee.



By completing the application form (which you send to the Association through this form, mail, e-mail or bring it in person) and paying the first monthly membership fee you become a member of the Association of Physiatrists of Republic of Srpska.

Application for printed version.
Mail it or bring it in person to the next meeting.


Digital application form


Data that you leave are confidential and will be used only to communicate with you.